Blinds for New Homes in Preston Lancashire

Blinds for New Homes in Preston Lancashire

Blinds for a New Build Home discussed by Red Panda Blinds.

There is nothing more exciting than waiting for your new build home to be finished and at Red Panda Blinds we will ensure when you finally have your keys and it is moving day that you will go in and all of your windows and doors will have the blinds fitted that you have chosen.

We offer a bespoke ‘new build home’ blind service where we will liaise with your developer to measure and fit your chosen blinds before your moving day, ensuring as soon as you walk into your new home it looks and feels like home, you have the privacy you need with no need for you to do any DIY and fit blinds or window coverings at a later date.

What are the Benefits of Buying a New Build Home?

When you are looking to move house or buy your first-ever home most people will consider and view both older style properties and new builds in the area they want to live in.  There are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to your decision of whether you buy an older home or new build home and these can include:

  • The style of property you prefer
  • If you are looking for an easy purchase and are looking to part exchange your current home
  • If you are a first-time buyer and need to use the governments ‘Help to Buy Scheme’
  • If you want to move into a brand-new low maintenance home where no work is needed inside or out immediately or in the next 10 years
  • You want a home which has brand new fixtures and fittings that no one else has ever used

If you pay your deposit in the early stages of the build you can often choose the style of home you want as well as the plot or location of your new home on the development.

You will also get the added advantage of choosing your own fixtures and fittings and these will include; kitchen colours, cupboards and worktops, whether you have integrated appliances, bathroom colours, wall colours throughout your home (these are nearly always white or neutral tones), where you want your plugs and sockets to be fitted, door handles, flooring, if you want built-in wardrobes in certain rooms, and the list goes on. You will be able to choose these elements and add extras on at a cost from the builder or developers range of fixtures and fittings.

Some new build homes come with a standard landscaped garden but some may charge you for grass to be laid as an example.

Moving into a new build means you will have a brand new home that no one has ever lived in before, with a new kitchen, bathroom and flooring throughout so you can enjoy living in a low maintenance home without the need to spend time and money on restoration or decorating and you can enjoy it from the offset.

New builds come with a 10-year warranty or insurance policy which protects you from any major structural defects to your home, as an example, ones provided by LABC Warranty.  Warranty’s like these offer significant financial savings if any structural problems do occur during its warranty period.

Before you move into your new home you are invited round to check and sign off the quality of the build and the fixtures and fittings you have chosen. Your developer will take away your snagging list and rectify the issues before you move in. They normally then offer you a further timescale after you have moved in, for example at 6 and 12 months to provide them with further snags to your home and they will come in and rectify them.

You will have a fixed moving day without a house ‘buying chain’ to worry about changing or your whole purchase falling through.

New build homes are much more energy-efficient compared to older style homes as by law developers have to adhere to minimum standards of build and products for energy efficiency, all of which will save you money on your energy bills in the long term. New build homes also offer better air quality which is an added benefit if you have asthma or any allergies to think about.

New build developers often offer deals when you are buying from them and these can include the government’s Help to Buy equity loan scheme which enables you to buy a new home with as little as a 5% deposit which is brilliant for first-time buyers. If you aren’t a first-time buyer then there are other deals to look into and ask for and you can also make a purchase offer for the house you want to buy rather than paying the full asking price.

New build homes come with minimum standard levels of security and can include pre-wires for burglar alarm systems to be fitted as an extra that you pay for, so you can install one further down the line, or some builders/developers fit them as standard. They will also have secure front and back doors with multi-system locks as well as secure double-glazed windows. All of these things can reduce the cost of your buildings and contents insurance with some insurers so always shop around.

You will be given duplicate keys for every window and door lock which is not something you always get when buying an older style house or flat.

New build homes have to be built to strict safety standards using the latest fire-resistant materials and technology as well as having smoke alarms already fitted. 3 storey homes have to be fitted with fire doors for every internal room and certain rooms have to have windows that are large enough to allow easy escape if there is a fire.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a New Build Home?

There really aren’t many disadvantages to buying a new home but here are a few of them:

Often new builds will have smaller rooms compared to older style properties.

New build homes tend to have smaller gardens compared to older style properties, however, this does depend on each development.

New build homes don’t come with light fittings as standard so this is something you will need to buy and fit yourself.

New builds won’t have blinds, curtains or curtain poles already fitted, you really will be walking into a blank canvass. Quite often when you buy an older property you can offer to pay for the seller to leave any blinds, curtains or curtain poles that you like and this is incorporated into the legalities of your purchase.

Red Panda Blinds New Build Home Bespoke Service

Re Panda Blinds are now offering a bespoke blind fitting service for people moving into a new build home and this includes:

  • We offer flexible appointments available for you to choose your new blinds with a free and no-obligation quote
  • You can choose your style, colour and fixtures of your blinds
  • We will give you design inspiration and expert advice on the style and range of blinds we offer and that would be suited to you and your new home
  • We will liaise with the development site to accurately measure the windows and doors you want your blinds fitted to
  • We will produce your blinds to your window and door specific measurements
  • We often have seasonal and special offers available for you to choose from
  • We will liaise with your developer to fit your blinds before your moving day
  • One of our expert fitters will come and fit your chosen blinds leaving no mess behind

Our bespoke service ensures you walk into your new home knowing that you have the style and colour of blinds that you have chosen. They will give you the privacy you need as soon as you walk into your new home, making it feel homely and warm straight away. It also takes away the stress and hassle of you drilling holes into your brand new and freshly decorated walls with no sign of any DIY disasters ahead.

Blinds Styles Available at Red Panda Blinds

Roller Blinds in Preston – Roller blinds are practical in design, elegant and quick and easy to operate.  Depending on the material you choose from they can be applied for shade, mood or blackout purposes, providing you overall flexibility and adaptability for any room or space. They are remarkably flexible and can be manufactured with printed or dyed fabrics, coloured plastic sheeting, heavy blackout material or even individual slats crafted from metal, wood or plastic. They can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

Vertical Blinds in Preston – Vertical blinds supply your maximum versatility and creativity and are an easy and extremely versatile substitute for window curtains. They are made from a series of vertical strips and are opened and closed by a pulley cord or system. They open much like curtains to offer clear views and light. We have a substantial choice of materials, colours, patterns and styles for you to select from and we know we will have a vertical blind to suit your needs, colour and style.

Wooden Blinds in Preston – Wooden blinds are a traditional, smart and modern addition to any space or room. The traditional look blinds are crafted from natural wood materials in a large range of colours to match all styles of decor, and their minimalist nature is a major attraction to a lot of people. Our practical, wooden blinds can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

Venetian Blinds in Preston– Venetian blinds are a classic blind and are readily available in luxurious wood or modern aluminium slats. There are a large variety of slat styles and sizes available for you to choose from and come in a huge range of brilliant colours, sophisticated shades and compelling effects to complement any home. They are produced from high quality, long-lasting and stylish materials, from plastics to a variety of metals, producing an ultra-modern window dressing. They can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

Roman Blinds in Preston – Roman blinds are a simple solution for a window dressing giving it an extravagant and luxurious feel. They can be produced from any type of material and be made to fit any window size. You can add a splash of colour with a rich or patterned material or perhaps choose for them to fade into the background with a cool tone to complement your home, giving it a modern and contemporary feel. They can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

VELUX Blinds in Preston – VELUX is one of the best and well known blind manufacturers on the market and a VELUX blind will provide you with something that you struggle to find elsewhere. VELUX offers an amazing versatility with respect to both light and heat exclusion, helping you to always keep your home cool, private or and insulated. For any type of home, VELUX will have something that delivers the solution you need.

Skylight Blinds in Preston – In addition to standard window blinds, VELUX offers a variety of specialist skylight blinds. They are made to fit into a skylight window perfectly, and you can tilt, turn and fully open your skylight just as before, with the usual quality and standards of other VELUX blinds fully integrated.

All VELUX products are constructed to the finest of standards with a three-year guarantee on each of their blinds.

Blackout Blinds in Preston – Blackout Blinds let you enjoy an amazing night’s sleep when they are closed. No matter if you have windows or skylights, we have an excellent variety of blackout blinds. Our blackout blinds are made to measure to the millimetre to make sure a perfect fit and will block out any unwanted light. You can pick from solid colours, stripes or even patterns, as well as children themed material to incorporate that very special touch to your little one’s nursery. They can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

Blackout blinds are the best option to block out the morning sunshine or that frustrating streetlight. They are great for people who work night shifts or when it comes to a child’s daytime nap as they ensure no light gets into the room during the day. You can choose from our blackout roller blinds, vertical blinds or skylight blinds. They are also the perfect solution for adding personal privacy to your bathroom.

Conservatory Blinds Preston – Conservatory blinds will really transform your conservatory visually as well as regulate the temperature making it possible for you to use your space far more frequently whilst enjoying the sunshine to the full. Our conservatory blinds are made to measure to fit in any type of awkwardly shaped window panels and can be built in a wide range of materials, colours or patterns to match your style and rooms design. The multiple opening options allow you to completely open, allow some light to enter the space or be totally closed to provide you complete comfort and personal privacy.

Day & Night Blinds Preston – Day & Night blinds control the amount of light entering a room whilst preserving the view from your window or doors. Making use of a state-of-the-art, alternating transparent and coloured strips, they enable you to adjust the quantity of light entering into a room by just simply opening or shutting the blind itself. The dual-layered material slides over itself, alternately covering and uncovering the transparent sections as it moves up or down. This enables you to maintain light levels just as you want them and with ease. There are spectacular and eye-catching metallic finishes, sheer fabric materials, natural wood and woven effects, and a collection of bright or natural shades. The blinds raise up into a compact space or fold down to present a radical, highly effective, modern-day and contemporary appearance and are a practical and suitable design solution for any home.

Shutter Blinds Preston – Traditional shutters offer you a flexible way to keep heat in or out of your space, they can be completely open, half-open or with a simple twist the slats can be adjusted to let in minimal light as well as give some privacy. Shutters look elegant and chic and go with modern or traditional designed rooms, always making a statement about your home. They are available in various colours as well as material including our Wood Shutter range.

Pleated Blinds Preston – Pleated blinds have a slim profile and when opened they fold into a very small and neat stack inside your window recess, and this makes them excellent for bi-fold and French doors as well as windows. We have a substantial range of fabrics, including bright and vibrant as well as modern, contemporary colours for you to choose from, including neutrals, blackout material, patterns and stripes.

Wooden Blinds Preston – Our wooden blinds give you the beautiful traditional look of natural wooden materials, supported with the simplicity of modern style. The minimalist attributes of wooden blinds are their major attraction. The control mechanisms are child safe and can be fitted to either side of your blind to accommodate your home layout. Our wooden made to measure blinds can be made in different shades and types of wood with a vast variety for you to pick from. They can be fitted inside or outside of your window or door recess.

Electric Blinds Preston – Our electrically powered blinds provide you ease, control and natural light at the tap of a button. They are controlled using centralised wireless technology so wherever you are, you can fully open, shut or adjust them to permit as much light entering your room as you would like. They are perfect for high windows that you are not able to access to open or close, or substantial rooms where you might have lots of blinds and don’t want to spend time opening or closing them all. They are quick and easy to use at the touch of a button.

Why Choose Red Panda Blinds?

  • We keep a selection of popular blinds in stock which can be easily adjusted to suit and fit your windows perfectly
  • You can select your favourite colour and style of blind to suit your home and decor
  • We provide a huge range of blinds, styles, colours and materials for you to choose from
  • We can make your blinds made to measure your specific measurements, material and colour
  • Our blinds are safe with safety cords and mechanisms
  • Our blinds add a stylish and modern statement to any area or room
  • We understand the importance of having the right look, material and colour blinds to provide the finishing touch to any room, space or design and we can help you with your choices
  • Our blinds will make your home feel warm and inviting as soon as you get your keys
  • Our blinds will give you the privacy you need as soon as you walk through the door
  • Our free measuring and fitting service means there are never any DIY disasters

No matter if you are looking for energy efficiency, design, overall flexibility or colourful enhancements to your new build home then Red Panda Blinds can help. All our blinds are uniquely manufactured to your specifications and our team of specialists will liaise, measure, manufacture and install your blinds to make certain you get the perfect fit for each room in your new home.

From conventionally shaped windows to an item a little more distinct, we can measure it from every single angle to ensure your blinds will fit perfectly and look amazing. If you have any questions about our New Build Blind Service, give us a call on 01772 382144 and one of our professional team will be able to help.


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